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Getting It Together

  • Getting It Together - Just Answer a few simple questions and gather a few items of information so we can help you.  Let's get started now!

  • Married? ____ Yes or ___ No. If Yes, Husband’s annual Income is: $____________ . Wife’s annual income is: $______________ .

How many dependents do you claim on taxes: ________ including Husband, Wife & Children if you're married.    [If you're not filing with your spouse, we still need to know your spouse's annual rate of Income to be sure that your total household income will not be high enough to prevent you from qualifing to do a Chapter 7 and wipe out all your unwanted debts.]  

  • If you’re married but living apart [separated] Check here: ____,  or,
  • If you’re single, check here: _____.
  • How  much is your annual Income? ____________, and,
  • How many dependents do you claim on taxes? __________

For your information:  The process is quick and easy; but, items A through E are required!

STEP # 1: Gather the following: For Joint filings, you need all the info. for both Husband and Wife; but, if you're filing by yourself,  you just the following information for just yourself.

 A. Checking or Savings Account Numbers for current accounts and for any you have closed in the past 12 months. (For closed accounts - list: Acct No.,  Date & Amount. at closing.)

 B. Any info. you have relating to a repossession or foreclosure or other lawsuit within the past 12 months.

 C. Any pay advices (stubs) for earnings in the 6 months prior to the month in which you file your bankruptcy  (If you don’t have all your pay stubs, you can ask your employer to give you a printout of your Gross earnings from the 6th. Month before the current month to the present.)
Example: (If you’re filing in: July, you need Jan. thru June or in Sept. you need Mar. thru Aug.)

 D. You’ll also need to report your gross earnings (that's the total before any deductions) by source or employer for THE PAST 2 CALENDAR YEARS and this year to date. (You can get this from your W-2’s or 1099’s attached to your tax return)  

 E. Lastly, either from your bills or your credit report, You will need: each creditor’s Name, Address, Account Number, the approximate amount you owe to each creditor and a list of any payments you made to that creditor in the last 90 days including the date of the payment and the amount of the payment. (Most of the time, you can easily get this from your check register or better yet from your last 3 months statements.)

 If you don’t have all your bills, no problem, just pull your credit report.  You may be able to pull one for free from: http://www.annualcreditreport.com/  or we can pull one for you, but,that's an extra $60.00 charge.

 You will know most of the other info. needed right off the top of your head without having to look anything else up. So, once you have the above info., You should have everything needed to properly fill out your worksheet so we can properly prepare your bankruptcy and help you to:
Start Living DEBT FREE!

Bankruptcy prices start at only $299.00.
You can get started with as little as $150.00.
In some cases where a person has very low income, or,
is unemployed their $335.00 Clerk's filing fee may be waived, or,
set up as $85.00 down to the clerk at time of filing and $83.00 monthly for three months.

So, CALL 904-264-4005 Now to live Debt Free Tomorrow!

EASY BANKRUPTCY - 555 BLANDING BLVD. STE. F,  ORANGE PARK, FL 32073  PH.: 904 - 264 - 4005

We fill out a complete worksheet in our office; but, if you are doing this by mail, or, you just want to get a head start on it you may  
Click on this link to download a FREE Information worksheet.

Remember, It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 and you don't to pay $1,000.'s to an attorney! 

P. S. If you'd like a FREE "PDF" (That's a downloadable Electronic File Copy) of a book titled: God's In Charge and Jesus Loves You - just click right here.

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